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6 Cannabis consumption methods

Did you know that there are several ways to consume marijuana in addition to the traditional based? You can vaporize, eat, make sublingual, topical and internal use. They are also good alternatives to avoid ingesting toxic combustion gases.

We know there are people who like to smoke, but it can vary from time to time! We will tell you all the ways you could consume the plant if it were not illegal in Brasil, and what options you have left for now.

Using our mouth

Our mouth is powerful. It is full of thin and delicate fabrics, which are able to absorb substances more quickly than if they had to be digested. Tinctures are among the most popular methods of oral dosing since they are fast acting and are friendly to partial dosing or microdosing, which you control directly drop by drop.

Tinctures are cannabis extracts and oils based on alcohol, glycerin or, increasingly, refined coconut oil.

There are also capsules, which are like taking vitamins or an Advil, which despite being ingested orally, only enter the system through the stomach and intestines.


For those who like to see the smoke rise, there are plenty of options. We well know that the ritual to create one has a whole charm and tradition involved. But in addition to it, you can smoke in the bong, in pipes and the dabbing. That in the cannabis world, is the search for smoke with the highest concentration of THC possible with a glass bong.


The fever are the vaporizer pens, but the consequences of long-term use are already known.

Before them it was already possible to vaporize marijuana in those table Volcanos, a way much less harmful to health, since it does not involve the toxins of combustion or the damage of the pen. And here in Brazil there are still the blows of the fake marker, in which refills have anything but THC. And that goes to your lungs. So stay tuned!


Have you ever heard of brisadeiro or brigaconha? They are the most famous edibles in Brazil. Within this universe, there are several ways to prepare cannabis food. Having butter, coconut oil or cannabis oil you can start playing.

But in countries where the herb has already been legalized, edibles go beyond gastronomic experiences. There is a giant market dedicated to edibles. Sweets, especially gummy bear jelly candies are the favorite way for Californians to consume CBD on a daily basis, focused on well-being. People love a bubble gum full of CBD and it’s easy to understand why, right?

Edibles can take 45 minutes to two hours to be digested and become active in your system.

Oh, and in addition, hemp seed is also rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and is considered a functional food, such as chia, quinoa and other grains.

Topic Use

With hemp seeds or even the entire cannabis plant it is possible to make beauty, wellness and muscle treatments due to its high rate of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory action. This is the case of moisturizing hand creams with hemp seeds from our favorite brand @blazingbeauty, also created by a Brazilian. Worth checking out! In addition to seeds, skincare and beauty products with CBD in the composition are the hype of the moment. but you have to keep an eye on the ingredients so you don’t fall into a trap. Intimate lubricants also come into topical use.

Internal Use

People with uterus, our time has come. I mean, it arrived for cali people, for now. Internal CBD suppositories for PMS cramps are a reality. Yes, it exists. And in it can be used for local muscle relaxation, too. I want it to!!!   


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