The truth about brazilian moms and cannabis

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In Brazil we will not even have an update of the census, let alone a survey focused on mothers and cannabis. Thinking about it, we asked the questions directly to them, about their relationship and thoughts about the plant and motherhood. With the intention of drawing the real and fighting outdated narratives that continue to be reaffirmed there. Despite a small sample, we were happy with the number of responses: more than 500!

Cannabis before, during and after pregnancy

The topic is controversial, we are aware. But, it is worth noting, here we are not talking about the use of the plant during pregnancy. For this debate, we would need the speech of specialists and the consensus today is that pregnant women should not consume it.

The point here is that the medical recommendation ends later with the end of breastfeeding. It is common to see new mothers displaying their wine glasses as a way to better deal with the puerperium, but woe to the mother who says out loud that she uses cannabis. The majority, 78%, prefer to hide their relationship with the plant from family members, co-workers and children.

It is not surprising, after all, motherhood comes with a very long manual of instructions, rites of passage, celebrations and rules on how to deal with the fact of generating a child and placing her in this world. It seems that many people forget that before they were mothers, they already had a lifestyle and should not have to give up their personality to be exclusively a mother.

Among the mothers who answered our survey, the vast majority already used cannabis before motherhood. 51% used it regularly, 37% used it from time to time, and only 12% started using it after pregnancy. What does that, specifically, mean? That mothers who use cannabis for whatever reason, are just trying to be themselves in a world that insists on defining how they should be.

Coming out of the closet

There is no right way to ‘come out of the closet’ in relation to the plant, and ⁣ we already know that everyone’s experience is different and that it is always good to consider whether it is worthwhile to buy this fight with the people around you. But to de-stigmatize marijuana in a conservative and racist country like Brazil, we need to speak freely about our experiences at the collective level.

Not only to encourage other people to open up to the debate, but also because we believe that normalizing the use of the herb is the first step in correcting errors and finally legalizing it for everyone. It is no secret that many of us consume, with impunity, the same plant that unfairly puts thousands of people, mostly black, behind bars.

Cannabis vs. alcohol

It is no secret that drinking alcohol is much more socially accepted than smoking one from time to time. Like cannabis, pregnant women are also not recommended to drink. Everyone knows. And wine will never go out of style, so we are not opening a war with lovers of a glass. But, among the mothers who follow us and answered our survey, 86% prefer cannabis to alcohol at the end of a long day.

It is worth remembering that the folks who follow us mostly already enjoyed the cannabis universe, right? But it is still a significant sample of our generation. In addition to preference, 23% completely substituted their consumption of alcoholic beverages for cannabis and 53% partially substituted.

It is also not new to anyone that Brazil is an unequal country as hell, in any sphere. Including cannabis use. When answering the question ‘How is Cannabis inserted in your life?’. 48% said that they smoke pressed, 49% said that they smoke other kkkk STRAINS besides the pressed one. (Obviously we know that pressed is not strain, ok. It’s a joke.) But here we are talking about everything you can smoke and that is not pressed. LOL. And the other 4% is divided between edibles, sublingual use, and topical.

Nosso desejo é que com o tempo a Nowdays consiga ter um panorama mais real por meio das nossas pesquisas. Por isso, compartilha aí com quem você acha que tá disposto a conversar não só sobre a cannabis, mas sobre o ‘viver bem’ sob uma perspectiva diferente.

Thank you for your participation and Happy Mother’s Day!

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