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for us, self-care goes way beyond your skincare routine.

how Nowdays was born

I’m Brazilian and I have been living in Califonia for over 7 years now. From my time in the USA, I saw Cannabis go from a medical-grade product to a free product of wellness and always wish my country could do the same. But, the reality in Brazil is much different. People are still going to jail for Cannabis and the stigma around the consumers is unbelievably high. Most people prefer to hide what they do to feel good and relax.

In Brazil, Cannabis is accepted if you have a chronic medical need. Otherwise, you’re considered a bum. This is why I decided to create a place to showcase a different optical view for these topics and bring with me amazing and talented people that also believe it’s time for a change. If we can make more people understand the benefits and get out of the closet, we can make the acceptance for legalization to move faster. And yes, you’re more than welcome to come with us!


Thainá Z. Bak