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All about the Brazilian bill that intends to authorize Cannabis

Last week was busy in the Big Brother of Brazilian politics. Not that the last ones were easy going. But, in addition to the Covid CPI, last Tuesday, 18, parliamentarians analyzed the bill that proposes to authorize the cultivation of cannabis for medicina...

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The science behind bloodshot eyes

Some call it bloodshot eyes and worldwide, it is the most obvious sign that someone has smoked marijuana. The level of redness depends on the quality and quantity of ingestion. Canabinoids are the answer But, why do bloodshot eyes comes we consume cannab...

Reality Check

The truth about brazilian moms and cannabis

*texto baseado na pesquisa realizada no perfil @nnowdays   In Brazil we will not even have an update of the census, let alone a survey focused on mothers and cannabis. Thinking about it, we asked the questions directly to them, about their relati...


We came to prove that wellness is what works in your life

We can no longer take so this much bullshit about wellness and how to achieve it. Therefore, today we came to unravel myths that have been reaffirmed as to what is meant by living wellness. What we see most in our feeds are totally unrealistic habits being...

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6 Cannabis consumption methods

Did you know that there are several ways to consume marijuana in addition to the traditional based? You can vaporize, eat, make sublingual, topical and internal use. They are also good alternatives to avoid ingesting toxic combustion gases. We know ther...

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Did you know that you can smoke weed without getting high?

Let's keep in mind that what is obvious to you, may be new to others. ;) Today we'll go a little further and understand the biochemistry of cannabis, which makes it so special and unique. Did you know that you can smoke weed without getting high? Below ...