Some lies about Cannabis that most people think are true

Let’s start by putting an end to the lies that go around about our beloved Cannabis. Let’s get to the real acts. Illegality means that concrete information about Cannabis finds little space to be clarified. There is a lot that is taken for granted, even by experts, which in reality is not quite like that.

Sativa X Indica

For a long time, those who smoked marijuana here in Brazil only had access to cannabis in the form of ‘prensado’ (pressed marijuana bricks). This is still the reality for most, though hashish, and even flowers are sold in the favelas and by dealers. The media portarys that any form of Cannabis that is not pressed is considered internationally trafficked. Outside the cannabis bubble, we have barely started talking about the strains of the plant here in Brazil. The conversation is still super centered on CBD, so much so that the first drug available in pharmacies is cannabidiol alone. So lets learn more about it here.

Suddenly, people started to have more options available besides the famous little black and the pren. There are now a list of available varieties with different names like nail polish colors, which tell the consumer nothing. You go to Leafly to compare the effects and find out whether it is Indica, Sativa or Hybrid, with a list of effects and percentages according to the people who have already smoked.
It is still very common to hear someone say that they prefer sativa flowers because they are energetic, or indicative because they help to sleep. But not quite. Thus, we have in only one plant the best that each subspecies has to offer, especially considering aspects such as yield and flowering time.

What are hybrids?

Hybrids mix characteristics of cannabis sativa and indica and today are the plants preferred by most of those who dedicate themselves to their cultivation. After all, a hybrid can grow as fast as an indica and have a high yield as a sativa. Depending on the genetics chosen for cultivation, they can serve as a source of substrates to treat a wide range of diseases.

Cannabis’s plateaus has nothing to do with the external characteristics of the plant’s subspecies. What determines whether a variety will have energetic or relaxing effects is its biochemical composition. The fact that the plant is tall and thin or short and thick, or whether the leaves are narrow or wide, dark green or light, has nothing to do with it.

In other words, you can’t tell the effects just by looking. It depends on several factors, such as the different compositions of terpenes and cannabinoids, dose, method of consumption and their tolerance.
Here in Brazil there is no way to simply know if you are smoking the variety it claims to be. We are far past the time to fully understand Cannabis beyond the names of the strains.

Holy Remedy X Devil’s Plant

Marijuana is not for everyone and everything, nor is it the demonic chaos that it has been painted as for years to sustain the war on drugs. Nothing is just good or bad. Like many other plants with therapeutic effects, it must be used with responsibility and knowledge.

The controversy over cannabis is so great that both sides end up polarizing information and it becomes once again greatly mismatched. Stereotypes surround anyone who uses Cannabis. ‘Coming out of the closet’ in relation to the plant is important, but it also requires some care.

Let’s suppose that you realized when you were smoking, that marijuana can help you with those annoying menstrual cramps. You would want to tell your friends. The care aspect is there though it is still stigmatized. Talking about this medicine at a family lunch, for example, can cause constructive discussions or can be seen as a big taboo.

For some, marijuana can be a seven-headed bug. Many were taught that it was a dangerous thing, like poisonous plants or weeds. There is no point in shouting around that Cannabis saved you and that you can help others too. The reality for some is not the reality for many as Brazil still deals with issues of systematic racism. For example there are different consequences for black Brazilians. Brazil is ruled under the notion that cannabis is not recognized for its therapeutic effects and reinforce the stereotype of a vagabond pothead. This is way information and friendly conversation are so important. Show them Nowdays!

High concentration of toxins

Another thing that continues to be repeated is that the honey that comes out of the joint is hashish and has a high concentration of THC. The reality is that it has a very high concentration of toxins from combustion, that’s it! If you still insist on tip beck, time to stop! Another precious tip to decrease the intake of these toxins a little is the use of long cigarette holders. If you invest in glass ones, even better!

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