About Us

Nowdays, is a new way to think about Wellness and Cannabis.

Eliminate the stigma, prejudice and racism associated with marijuana is our mission here at Nowdays. The intention is that every day more people discover the benefits of conscious consumption of the plant and how it can help in well-being. Our goal is to make everyone (really everyone, ok?) understand the urgency of its decriminalization and legalization in Brazil, and for that we decided to create this imagetic universe - bringing art, entertainment, and a lot of information to those who are still out of our bubble and need to learn a little more about the plant.

We are a team of young creatives from Latin America that believe the time has come to present a new imagery concept on these themes. To break taboos and spread information with easy content for those looking to learn.

No boring and complicated scientific words.

Our goal is to make more and more people understand the benefits of the plant and the need for decriminalization and legalization in Brazil and worldwide. Join us?

“When I started creating Nowdays, my only desire was to find a way to rewrite the history of how people saw and used marijuana in my country. I feel that bringing access and the normalization of plant consumption is my purpose here on Earth, and together with an incredible team we are gradually changing the way people see it, so that in the near future we can remember that the racism that transformed it into an illegal product only served to disrupt lives and the development of our society as a whole.”
Thaina Zanholo, Founder of Nowdays

Nice to meet you! Now that you're here, take a look at our faves. Discover our products, see the quality of what we offer and tell us what you think, okay?