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Foto da Ebony com os braços em volta do rosto

Brazilian rapper Ebony about music, weed, wellness and more

For this special edition of Nowdays People, we invited Ebony to exchange an idea with us about wellness, music, his relationship with marijuana and more. She is a brave and inspiring Carioca, from Queimados, in the Baixada Fluminense. We choose ...

Thays with some hair in her face

Thays in a chat about wellness, entrepreneurship, weed e more!

Our chat with the goddess, @th4ys, was about ancestry, afro entrepreneurship, presence in networks and how she does to reach and understand her wellness and weed. She is a DJ and also the founder of Abebe Skin. Below, you'll find Thays in a delicious...


Loïc Koutana will give you a breath of lightness and positivity

Wait a minute! Is there anything this Virginian doesn't do? The French-African of a thousand and one talents and contagious smile, spoke to us about art, performance, the courage to go to live on the beach and everything that makes him feel good....


Pamela Ribeiro on cycle’s processes and balance

We talked with @abruxapreta owner of one of the most baphos coals of the insta feed, and spoke to us about mysticism, spirituality, tarot, balance and self-care Granddaughter of witches who couldn't burn! Wait, is it meme or real? Anyone who believe...

David Sabbag

Davi Sabbag and his tricks for living a better life

Cool with the singer, composer and former vocalist of the eternal Banda Uó. About anxiety, our (in) signify before the universe and life! Davi Sabbag is the king of our nostalgic playlists. Come on, who's never been dressed up listening to I'm on ...