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Brazilian rapper Ebony about music, weed, wellness and more

Welcome at Nowdays People! Here we invite people who inspire us to tell us what they do to live their well-being. What are the activities, rituals, habits or crazes that translate what is wellness for each of these individuals? What about you?

For this special edition of Nowdays People, we invited Ebony to exchange an idea with us about wellness, music, his relationship with marijuana and more. She is a brave and inspiring Carioca, from Queimados, in the Baixada Fluminense.

We choose the sixth issue of Revista Balaclava, an independent publication on the music and culture of the label and producer Balaclava Records, to publish the chat in first hand. Created by the wonderful Isabela Yu and Heloisa Cleaver, the magazine already has six printed editions! Follow them to guarantee your version, sign and follow: @revistabalaclava <3 


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As you already know, we believe that the way to finally demystify the use of the plant here is to take information in an uncomplicated, accessible and realistic way. 

To Ebony, selfcare is:

Usually the moment of my day that is very mine is when I am alone, I clean the whole house, I take a shower, I sit on the sofa, put on a set and light one up. Cabô here! Now I increased the ritual, bought a ruffled skin care kit. I had never done these deals before. So now I clean the house, shower, skin care and smoke. So, evolutions!

The pandemic

“In the first moments, that only said to me: ‘maybe you have to insure the shows and your career’, honestly, I was a little grateful. Because I was able to breathe. What was happening was a very sudden change in my life. I was able to stay at home and just think. So aside from the tragedy, what was left for me was a moment of much reflection. I wasn’t having this, I was sleeping 3 hours a day and it was a lot of blessing for me, but it overwhelms me. Until I understood the responsibility of being an icon of representation for girls like me, I lived like this: ‘I make music, I’m young and I do shit too.’

Hold this responsibility

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“They told me:“ Look, you will have to stop using drugs, marijuana and alcohol, going to the gym, eating salad and dieting. And I was like, ‘Oh, I’m not going, make me there!’

I think today that I would define myself as someone freer than I was before and more responsible as well. And I say this as the person that I seek to be every day and not as the responsibility of you!

I also define myself as an artist, which was difficult for me for a while because I didn’t understand exactly what I was doing.

It’s a lot of responsibility, but it sucks! I get messages from girls who are very touched by my message, you know? With what I try to pass on to the world. And when I saw this happening, people saying that I saved their lives, I embraced that responsibility as mine, to be the best of myself. If people want to be like me, let me be a good person. ”

Smoke in the air

I started smoking weed very early. I remember that I thought it was worst thing in the world. And then I started smoking cigarettes because I thought it was cool.  I got to try other drugs at a young age and became much more addicted to these other drugs. So when I found myself in the situation of ‘I need to stop these shit’, it was that marijuana came into my life. She was my addiction substitute and was present in my life as a real medicine.

I was a person with very troubled political views. I did not seek to research. She was a young woman who wanted to give opinions without knowledge to give them, just like any young man! Then, as I was studying more and more, understanding the history of marijuana in Brazil, how it gets here, who are the people who want its ban and why they want it. Then I came across the current scenario: the prison of people who were smoking a joint and who are black. So I started to see it that way, but I also never thought that marijuana was that magic plant that will save everyone. But I definitely wanted the prejudice and social stigma of ‘You smoke marijuana you suck’ to end.

Social media presence

At first I didn’t care. I posted pictures smoking weed without understanding that it could harm me in a commercial matter. I was discovering everything. So after instagram became part of my job, what I post completely changed.

I don’t think it’s the perfect world, I didn’t want it to be that way. But is. I can be sad or I can handle it well. Whether I like it or not, regardless of the color of the people I relate to, or the color of the people who raised me, I am still a black woman who has experienced the world in my skin. So I understand the importance of the debate and I don’t think it’s a problem to talk about it. I may not agree with the way some people express themselves, but I will not be the person who will turn to a black person who sees problems in an interracial relationship and say that she is wrong.

Rich and famous being a rapper in Brazil?

I’m from Queimados, a very poor place in Rio. There is no asphalt, there was no internet, it is far from things. But I always joked with my mom that I was going to become famous and rich. ”

Music has always been a refuge for me, to feel other things, to listen, understand and connect. So I wanted to start making music, but it was a joke, something I showed my friend.

I do not like people to assume that I am going to do something according to the concept that they have already established about me. I don’t like people expecting me to go trapping. Obviously you can expect music from me, which is what I have to offer, but not just a style or something that will limit me musically. 

Now I’m working on my album, which comes out this year! For me, it is obvious that I am in constant evolution and transformation. But for the people who saw my last song 9 months ago, I think it will be a big shock. You can expect something new.

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