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Davi Sabbag and his tricks for living a better life

Here at Nowdays People, we invite people who inspire us to tell us what they do to live better. What are the activities, rituals, habits or crazes that translate what is wellness for Davi? What about you?

Cool with the singer, composer and former vocalist of the eternal Banda Uó. About anxiety, our (in) signify before the universe and life!

Davi Sabbag is the king of our nostalgic playlists. Come on, who’s never been dressed up listening to I’m on the street? With his coziness of coziness, he told us about his rituals and also shared a bit of his long journey of self-knowledge. Our chat has breezes on planets, anger, 2020, simulations and Sunday mornings. His way.

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“I’m just insignificant”

I think I’m in this quest already makes some life, it’s not from now. I realize more and more that everything that happens around me is a great doubt. If these are things I have autonomy about, whether my decisions really affect what’s going to happen or if it’s all already happened. That says a lot about me, about what I think of existence. I always think of myself as part of the whole. There is no way I can translate in a material way by which any materiality would be ephemeral. When I have a lot on my mind, depressed, anxious, I start watching a documentary of planets. There it shows the Earth compared to Jupiter, the Saturn. It shows that we’re inside a galaxy, within 100 million galaxies and I’m thinking that our… In my head I’m making myself so important, when it doesn’t really matter that much. I’m just another little one of everything that’s going on.

“In the present David wants to move on to the next phase of the game”

We’re here, whether this is a simulation or not, anyway we’re here. And we are conditioned to the laws of this nature that we are inserted, of this dimension. So there’s no way, there’s trauma and that’s part of who I am too. There are all the past conditions of everything I’ve experienced. I don’t know when the ground zero of my existence in this place was. But in the present David wants to move on to the next phase of the game. I consciously saw that this here is just a passage and it’s not a final destination, it’s nothing like that in my view. The David of the present is a person who wants to transcend this material dimension.

“I think that’s the most precious, the wisdom”

When you use some substance that opens you some portals of meaning, sometimes they are sensations so strong that you experience, that you can even try to rationalize and explain to someone, but there is no way they know and understand. You’re the one who felt it. So I guess that’s what’s most precious, the feeling is very personal and unique, you know? The feeling you get when you feel fullness. This is when you can experience a meditation, with the use of some substance or with moments of extreme happiness. When you come into contact with divine things. Sex can take you; too, it has that strength. All these contacts, all these moments I believe mean making a connection with the whole.

“Nature will renew itself; we are the ones who die”

The whole I speak is the totality of everything. The whole is all that exists, without measuring dimensions. It’s one thing, whether finite or infinite we don’t know. Being part of the whole is that, it’s being part of nature. Sometimes I see that man feels far above nature. Like he owns it and doesn’t belong to everything there is. People put themselves above nature and don’t see that they’re too small. Nature will renew itself; we are the ones who die. We just sit here breathing bad air. Conditioned to live in places that do not give quality of life in exchange for a thought of work, of a thought of evolution. That’s what a person’s life is. It lives in a mold, so that all we live is a construction.

“This relaxation takes you to a place of presence”

Meditation is the most crazy thing for me. Of all the ones I’m most intrigued by, because alone she can take you to states of consciousness that substances take you. Only you can do it naturally with your body. This relaxation takes you to a place of presence. That’s the most impressive thing for me, really. My head is very calm and very fast at the same time. How silly of the human condition that of our head keep bringing something that’s already happened. And the future too, that we keep thinking about all the time. At all times things distract us. Everything nowadays distracts a lot, any social network, any technology. So when we’re really there, I don’t know… Experience one day eating food thinking about all the processes that are happening. Feel your hand pick up the fork, think everything that’s going on.

“My hope is in people, not in the system.”

For me, when I’m really present, I can see a spark of fullness. It’s only possible when you’re able to clean up everything that conditions you not to be in the present. It’s you taking care to be well and have the ability to help other people. Even with your way of living. My hope is in people, not in the system. There is a great plan to really make people fragile with new technologies, applications. And that’s very dangerous because you see that people are now much more anxious, more depressed, thinking that their lives aren’t cool. Because there are a lot of other people showing that they’re better.

“You are much more than your thought”

This flow you have comes from your mind and thought without the mind does not exist. So actually you’re much more than that, more than your thinking. When you feel inspiration, intuition or that true love, these things are what you are. And all these things have to be taken to a practical side of life. Because that is it, we talk about very high and conscious things, but when we go to the day-to-day we know that all these issues are very difficult and are really issues that we have to naturalize in our lives. Starting with that self-observation always. Sometimes things are simpler, we’re making it too complicated. Putting too much importance, too much weight on things. Especially in the pandemic I have given a lot of value to the most everyday things. When I wake up in the morning and I button the glass in the filter and press a button and water comes out, I’m very happy because I have water. And it’s not a humanitarian talk or anything, it’s because it really is such a fantastic thing. Take a hot hot bath with a good smelling soap. I found myself conditioned to put my well-being into things that only come from time to time in my life and I didn’t want that. Understand? On the weekend it’s nice in a Sunday morning lighting a joint. I love candles too and at the same time enjoy lighting incense.

“Only people who are anesthetized will not to change in 2020.”

2020 was the year of the sun, ascending in leo. You could hear a lot about 2020 going to be the year of revelation, right? It’s just that everyone thought it was going to be an enlightened thing that things were going to work out, get it right. We didn’t expect it to be such an invisible revelation. And I think not only me, but everyone’s changed a lot and there’s no way. Only people who are anesthetized so as not to change in the middle of all this. I’ve always been a very self-observant person. That’s why I always got out of my holes, even faster, because I could tell what was going on and which way I was going.

“I don’t feel alone when I’m alone”

It’s complex. I’ve been a lonely person a lot of my life, as a teenager, so that’s not weird to me; I don’t have much of that difficulty. I don’t feel lonely when I’m alone. It made me feel good that I needed to feel the things I was feeling in their full form. I was very angry, very angry. I realized that I can’t keep running away from those moments in life, just trying to just get well. I need to live things, burn. And without feeling guilty about it, sometimes you get sad because you’re sad. But it’s not letting it consume you, because sometimes when you don’t feel right it keeps you following and instead of you burning right at once, it’s burning little by little and it’s there.

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