Loïc Koutana will give you a breath of lightness and positivity - Nowdays

Loïc Koutana will give you a breath of lightness and positivity

Here at Nowdays People, we invite people who inspire us to tell us what they do to live better. What are the activities, rituals, and habits that translate what wellness is for Loic? What about you?

Wait a minute! Is there anything this Virginian doesn’t do? The French-African of a thousand and one talents and contagious smile, spoke to us about art, performance, the courage to go to live on the beach and everything that makes him feel good. 


Foto: Reprodução Instagram (@lhommestatue)
Loïc Koutana is that guy you wonder: how many hours does his day have? On instagram @lhommestatue, Loïc a sensation on TikTok, model, YouTuber, dancer and musician. A complete artist. It’s a breath of lightness, positivity and strength wherever you go. Straight from Ubatuba, his new home.  He talked to us about childhood dreams, the courage to be selfish sometimes, motivation and wellness. It’s worth checking out, trust me!

“Everything that happened in my life was the magic of the moment.”

Everything that happened in my life was always a thing of chance, magic of the moment. I’m a big part of the law of attraction. I believe very much that you can attract everything you want in life.  So my whole journey to my arrival in Brazil and the fact that I’m going to launch my solo career in music. Everything was always based on the dream and then I go after those dreams.

“Every day I try to be a new version”

Maybe I’ll give the impression on instagram that everything’s always great: ‘Let’s smile.’ But I always want to make it clear that difficult things happen in my life. Last year my house caught on fire, I lost everything. I understood at that moment that I had two choices: either I go into depression I feel sad thinking about everything I’ve lost, or I decide that this is going to be a new beginning for me. And from the basis of that, I’m going to be a new version of myself. So every day I try to be a new version, a little better than yesterday.

“I feel sad, but I’m not sad.”

I understood that we also have to accept sadness and accept that this is happening, but I always repeat: “I feel sadness, but I am not sad”. It’s good to accept that I’m going to have good days and bad days, but that doesn’t define me and that I’m always going to be in control. In the sense that if I decide I’m going to be happy today, I’m going to be happy, you know? Some days I’m going to eat an acai fruit and that’s going to be the happiness of my day. Some days I’m going to smoke  pot… It’s up to you.

“Freedom comes at a cost that is always to be honest with you.”  

The key that changed everything for me was, “Don’t lie to yourself.” The worst thing in my life would be to come in a few years and say, ‘putz, I could have done that, but I was afraid of other people’s reaction.’ Freedom comes at a cost that is always being honest with you.

‘If he did it, I’m going to make it, too.’

All the people I admire have in common: determination, an almost crazy determination of the kind, I’m not giving up, and they didn’t give up. I understood that, if he did it, I’m going to make it, too.


Foto: Reprodução Instagram (@lhommestatue)

“I realized that plants are evolved beings.”

I love plants very much. I’m very inspired by my plants. I realized that plants are evolved beings. They don’t ask for anything and on the return they just want the minimum, which is water and sun to grow. Besides, when you think a plant is dead, and when it dies, it can serve as fertilizer for another plant. When a plant is about to die, you cut a piece and it’s going to grow again. This also applies to people too, that’s it. Sometimes you’re going to get hurt in life and it’s just going to take you on another journey.

“You always have to connect with your older version.”

Today I put only one necklace, but usually I put all this necklaces, I put jewelry, many things. Because that’s how when I was young I imagined myself when I grew up. I’ve always imagined a black warrior with lots of necklaces. I always try to be that version I imagined myself to be in the future. You always have to connect with your older version. Try to see within your youth the things you liked, what lifted you up. That’s where you’re going to be able to project the best energies.

“The movement has energy.”

I did acrobatic gymnastics when I was young, I did gymnastics and karate. And my two teachers said, ‘The movement has energy.’ So when you make a move in life don’t make it half way make it from the start to the finish. That’s where you’re going to be honest and have the full impact. Nowadays when I dance, I try to project that energy. When I dance, when I sing or before posting each video, I hope people will get the energy I’m projecting on them.

“Sometimes you have to be selfish to save yourself, you know?

Eat well, do sports, take care of yourself, like skincare, smoke if you want to smoke, make tea. And run when you need to run. For me these five fundamentals and why  I say that? I understood being a Virgo that sometimes I want to do a lot of to-do list, which sometimes it’s kind of crazy organizing. If things aren’t exactly the same as I planned, I go crazy.
But I understand that life will always bring you these difficulties. So every time these five fundamentals are good and you run them, that’s where you have mental health. Wellness for me are these basic fundamentals of life eat well, exercise, get away when you need to escape to nature and stop when you need to stop. Sometimes wellness is taking a break for a smoke. Know? One of my first songs that came out is “egoïste” [ Selfish]. 
Because one day I realized that I’m having peace and I’m fine with myself when I’m actually being selfish.  When I decide to leave my cell phone, smoke my weed, stay on mine, put on my phone and listen to an album that I like. And that’s my happiness too. So sometimes you have to be selfish to save yourself, you know? The day I said that my mother said, ‘Don’t say that.’ I swear to you a month later my mother called me from France and she said, “You were right. I wanted to please everyone and forgot to please myself.”

“Anxiety, you’re my friend.”

The problem with the body is when you don’t accept something. That’s where he sends ten times as much. One day I said,’ I’m having an anxiety crisis.’ Almost devaluing it, you know? You have to accept things. Accept that you are having a crisis and that from now on: ‘Anxiety, you are my friend’. When I was younger, I was afraid of ghosts, I told my brother “ghosts are going to come get me.” My brother looked me in the eye and said ‘if a ghost comes into your room, open the door and say ‘come in”. That phrase scandalizes fear, makes you accept the thing that scares you the most.

“For 2021, zero expectations.”

For 2021, zero expectations. Once I understand that we do not know what the world will be like, but that we can control the now, made all the difference!
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