Nowdays -Thays in a chat about wellness, entrepreneurship, weed e more!

Thays in a chat about wellness, entrepreneurship, weed e more!

Welcome at Nowdays People! We invite people who inspire us to tell us what they do to live their well-being. What are the activities, rituals, habits or crazes that translate what is wellness for each of these individuals? What about you?
Our chat with the goddess, @th4ys, was about ancestry, afro entrepreneurship, presence in networks and how she does to reach and understand her wellness and weed. She is a DJ and also the founder of Abebe Skin. Below, you’ll find Thays in a delicious chat about wellness, entrepreneurship, weed e more!
While rolling one with one of her glass cigarette holders in hand, Thays told us stories about her childhood with Isa, her grandmother, surrounded by nature, and the power of herbs.


Thays standing up in a sunny day feeling wellness
Picture from Instagram (@th4ys)

“Super virgo, and super curious”

You have to put my sign first. I’m a virgo and a very curious one. Maybe the reason I got here is because I’ve always been a very proactive girl. I have had few role models in my life. My mom was always a salesperson, so I became an entrepreneur selling beads at school. I’m not a fool either, and I thought, ‘I’m going to make my money.’

“Record , cause there is always someone watching”

There was an era when being a blogger was futile. Have you ever noticed? When you start talking on various platforms, [people say] ‘Ah blogger…’ But I won two thousand reais to make a publication, I won six thousand reais. When you start talking about it on instagram, people start breaking paradigms. I have a few messages that I say ‘Hey babe, are you doing stories? Did you buy a cream from the Salon Line? Record, do the review. Even if only your mother likes it. Record, because there is always someone watching’. I’m starting to have this narrative of putting people’s dreams forward. Why is that, if only I spin and everything is still around me things don’t work.
Thays with her entrepreneurship boxes
Picture from Instagram (@th4ys)

“I have all this knowledge, why not start a business?”

My skincare brand, Abebé, was only born in the pandemic. I also worked as a DJ and canceled more than ten show dates. My money dried up, the water hit my butt and I thought: ‘my god what am I going to do?’ Then I realized that I have a reputation for herbs, for soaps. I have all this knowledge, I know what it is for, all the herbs we use indoors. Why not create a business? I am an entrepreneur and I need money. So it was to understand a need that was both mine and that of the people. I combined the useful with the pleasant, it was very crazy to enter this entrepreneurship universe.

“My spirituality is my greatest form of self-care”

Nowadays I really believe that my spirituality has steered my mental health today. I can have a pimple and not freak out if my head is the right place and that is love! I know this pimple is because I’m eating well, you know? My spirituality is my greatest form of self-care. I don’t care if a mark appears on my breast. Damn it, I’m fine! Focus on your head. Then you can look beautiful on the outside.

“Breathing has been my best friend in relation to anxiety”

My anxiety trick is not taking a diazepan, a fluoxetine as I was told. We have a method of breathing that makes us open the pineal gland as you do this sequence of breaths. Man, I’m breathing so much… lol
I am dating an even more anxious person than myself, so we are two anxious people together. And if I am not balanced my head will flop, my relationship will flop, and consequently my career will flop. Breathing has been my best friend in relation to anxiety. Many of us breathe wrong. We breathe our chest and fill the chest. We don’t fill from the bottom like a child would and this is a way for us to make the air flow enter our body. On top of breathing, move your body. Even if you just go to the market or  take a two-minute jog, just to sweat. People say, “What am I going to walk for? I don’t want to lose weight. I don’t want you to get thin.” And the reality is you should just want your mental health and head be be fine, thats all!


“Five minutes with my cat improves my mood and overall wellness”

Wellness for me is a routine of care and is not linked to aesthetic issues. Making a meal, a dinner now, I’m going to improve my wellness. I’m taking care of my home, taking care of my body … If I spend five minutes with my cat that also has an affect on my mood and wellness. It is not about restricting the aesthetic issue. And that is what we are educated to understand about wellness. It’s not about hypertrophy and going up on a stage, sunbathing, putting on weight. It’s cooking for you, having a wine, and getting drunk in the kitchen at night!


“My relationship with weed is like rosé wine. But it is forbidden ”

It’s about responsibility. We are all very irresponsible at times. My relationship with marijuana started young. At the age of thirteen, I was already smoking. It was very early. I had this relationship that marijuana was going to free me from some very gigantic traumas and then I started to understand that it wasn’t about that. I started to regulate the beck, to understand that marijuana was something just to make me happier or calm me down. It was when I started to study about sativa, I started wanting to look more into it. So my relationship with her is like rosé. But it is forbidden, you know? She [marijuana] has a motherfucker taboo. I can’t smoke a joint in front of my house, but my neighbor can walk down the entire hall smoking Marlboro and contaminating everything.
Today marijuana is my friend when I really need it. I want to meet with her every day, because it is nice to be with her, but if I stay with her in excess, it will start to be harmful to me sometimes. There is that friend that we love very much, but we can’t bear to be with her ten hours of our day.
Marijuana is very ancient and has a connection with indigenous people and spirituality. There are many stories of healing and even skincare using cannabis. One ff the acids in marijuana, has active ingredients with acids just like barbatimão, like rue. I always saw it as an herb, just as I see Santa Sara as the mother of all herbs.

“They said:‘ Sis, I won’t be stopped, relax’

So, I left behind the weed brick from illegal market and began to look for flowers.I was very uncomfortable with the issue of smoking something I didn’t know. It was coming from a murder. My cousin could have died to give me that joint. So I started to see this, and it only came because I am a black woman. It only comes to white people because someone had to make them aware of it.
We have small circles and people don’t talk about the problem of Cannabis in relation to population numbers of prisons, black primary defendants who are arrested because they were apprehended with ten grams of marijuana. When I started to see it, it was just fourteen or fifteen years old. I started to have this perception that I was a black girl. My mother knew: “You are black, you are the daughter of a black man. I am an indigenous woman.”
I always knew this, but when I was stopped [by the police] and my friends weren’t, I started to be like… Hi? When you grow up knowing that you are a black girl and that if you are caught with five grams of marijuana you can get punched in the face and your friend does not because you are in an unfortunately racially backward situation you to have this understanding. At the age of fourteen I was hiding my weed to go out on the street. Something that my friends did not do, and they said: ‘Friend, I won’t be stopped by the police, relax.’
When I started turning this key around at that age, I started to be the curious one on Facebook. I met ‘Quebrando o Tabu’, it was more or less Rafael Braga’s time. So one thing was consequently interconnecting the other, I had this teenage key. Many people our age do not have this perception.
I have white friends who know about the periphery and the problems. They make a lot of money, but they still smoke the weed brick. How do you get that into your body knowing that, baby, my cousin is dying. Someone of my color is fucking there because you’re going unnoticed in there. I started to have this perception very early.

“I’m going to become a magician, a witch”

In this pandemic, everyone wanted to show that they knew how to do something and we shared things a lot. It arrived in the second month and I was already saturated with so much that was happening in front of me, with so much content. It closed my head. I said ‘How am I going to be able to produce with so much going on, so many unknowns and a lot of content and a lot of live and a lot of everything? And I was in agony.
I was stressing myself a lot, you know? Then I said, honestly I really need to focus on my spirituality. That moment was the moment that I most connected with my spiritual side, to the point of getting up very early just to bathe in herbs. I had this little trigger that I was stressing myself out too much, and that I needed to be productive at all times, since I was at home. It was a moment of self-knowledge, again. I’m like this today, I’m describing myself, but tomorrow I’m going to change the narrative because I’m going to wake up with another head and another mood. Because I discovered something else about myself.
For 2021 I want to buy my apartment, because I am not a fool. I want to stop paying rent. But on the spiritual issue, I want to try to evolve spiritually in relation to my head and my orixá. I really want to connect with my head, I have many characteristics of her. I need to study hard, I know that studying will take my spirituality  to such a level that I will become a magician, a witch.
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