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Cannabis A to Z
Cannabis A to Z

The science behind bloodshot eyes

Have you always wanted to know the scientific explanation of why our eyes insist on cracking when we consume cannabis? We will tell you! :)
by Michelle, May 10, 2021

Some call it bloodshot eyes and worldwide, it is the most obvious sign that someone has smoked marijuana. The level of redness depends on the quality and quantity of ingestion.

Canabinoids are the answer

But, why do bloodshot eyes comes we consume cannabis? Is it the smoke from the joint that causes irritation? No! The answer lies in the plant’s magical cannabinoids. That is, you will also get a cracked eye if you consume edible cannabis.

Redder the eye, higher the person?

Variations in the intensity of red eyes depend on the dose of THC ingested. Anyone who smokes a low THC strain will have a slightly less red eye.

How to hide bloodshot eyes?

As always, the best solution is to know what we are smoking or consuming. A variety with a lower THC content will not leave your eye so cracked.

But, in a punitivist and racist Brazil, it is always better to minimize the light to go out on the street. Good old eye drops are a possibility. But, if you wear contact lenses, you have to be careful with certain types of eye drops. Dark glasses also do the trick. Another tip is to stay hydrated after shaving, which also helps with the feeling of dryness.

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