Did you know that you can smoke weed without getting high?

Let’s keep in mind that what is obvious to you, may be new to others. 😉 Today we’ll go a little further and understand the biochemistry of cannabis, which makes it so special and unique. Did you know that you can smoke weed without getting high?

Below you will find out what are cannabinoids, terpenes, the differences between thc and cbd and also how the effects are variable according to the chosen genetics. There are endless possibilities. In a legalized world, you can even smoke a joint that will calm you down, lower your anxiety, but it won’t catch on. Let’s?


Cannabis has more than five hundred chemical compounds, which combined generate a harmony of effects. Most are cannabinoids, which are also produced naturally through our endocannabinoid system, which regulates a series of physiological processes such as appetite, pain, sleep quality, mood, memory and many others.

The two most well-known cannabinoids are thc and cbd. In addition to them, more than 120 others have been identified in Cannabis and some other species, such as Copaíba and Cacau.


CBD ok, THC ok. But what about Hemp? The crowd makes a lot of confusion with these terms. Hemp is nothing more than one of the many genetics of the Cannabis Sativa plant species. With very low levels of THC and favorable characteristics for the production of fibers, paper, fabrics from its stem.

Yes, that’s all. The fact is that as they do not need the psychoactive, female and male plants occupy the same space freely, growing fast, since the wind helps pollination. Its cultivation requires a technique that guarantees the growth of a plant with few branches and high, since its main objective is to extract from the trunk, one of the best natural fibers that exist.


In addition to the various cannabinoids, terpenes are also present in Cannabis: aromatic compounds produced by plants and fruits such as lavender, orange, hops, pepper and an infinite number of others.

In the case of Cannabis, terpenes end up influencing the high. That characteristic taste and smell of the strains is up to them!

Perfect combination

Yes, the possibilities are almost endless with regard to the harmony of effects achieved through Cannabis. Here in Brazil it is still very difficult to smoke a beck with the certainty that there is no THC there. But it is possible and it already happens too much in countries like Canada and the United States.

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