We came to prove that wellness is what works in your life

We can no longer take so this much bullshit about wellness and how to achieve it. Therefore, today we came to unravel myths that have been reaffirmed as to what is meant by living wellness. What we see most in our feeds are totally unrealistic habits being placed as conditions for the concept of well being.

First of all, it might be a good idea to check out our first content about the Movement: “The concept of wellness ended up being trivialized and became an unattainable state, unless you wake up before dawn to greet the sun – fasting – during your daily yoga and meditation practice. The movement in reality is linked to the search for balance in the juggling of everyday life. ”

So we came to prove that wellness is what works in your life, always with balance. 

After all, wellness is health?

The problem here is what generally most people mean by health. Common sense is really fatphobic, right? Just talk about the desire to create healthy habits that immediately someone will show up with weird advices indicating crazy and restrictive diets. Therefore, in 2021 it is still important to remember: being healthy does not mean being thin.

The endorphin’s sensation

That is, there are three pillars to try to cope. By balancing these dishes, we reach that complete state of well-being. No biotype is a sign of health or disease. The shit is that the damned pattern of unattainable beauty follows us in full swing. And thinness remains worshiped and strengthened as a synonym for health.

Enough of that, right? Sudden weight loss may be indicative of issues related to mental health, such as anxiety and depression.

The fact is, physical exercise has much more benefits than only the possibility of getting thiner. Getting out of a sedentary lifestyle can be like smoking a joint. Because moving the body makes us release endorphins, a hormone that generates a delicate feeling of wellness. That on top of that can help you in the treatment of anxiety and depression, always with medical monitoring.

But how to create healthy habits?

If you haven’t yet engaged in the endorphin sensations, it’s okay. It can be repetitive, but each one really has their time. Go on yours, find an activity that you enjoy doing. From the first attempts to move the body, it can be nice to create personal goals within your limits. Gradually, maybe your body will start asking you for the release of the endorphin, and you will know how to give it what it want, meaning you got used to it. Habit created.

There is a theory that 21 days is the time necessary for the human body to associate an activity as a routine. So, to live a wellness lifestyle, just discover the circumstances in which you enjoy doing the things that make you feel good. Wait, what:

Wellness: An almost impossible mission

Some people that say they have the wellness lifestyle, right? They usually convey the idea that in reality it is an impossible mission: you have to wake up before the sun rises, do yoga, meditation, have a regulated diet that are based on organics, do massage, therapies, paradisiacal trips. And also, spend the hours of your days totally dedicated to own well-being, among so many activities. They still make time to be productive at all times. It also has a multitude of products for skin, hair and body that consider essential.

It’s about balance.

If you love that cold coke, sleeping late every now and then or smoking weed all afternoon, it’s okay! Keep in mind that these moments need to have space in your life. Nothing needs to be repressed, you know? At the same time, we know that excesses are not nice in any context. Find the balance and welcome to wellness!

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