The truth about the ‘wellness movement’

Wellness, or in Portuguese, well-being, is one of those terms that is booming at the moment. Whether in series, podcasts, media or social networking. It’s everywhere! But for many it seems an expensive and distant destination.

The concept of wellness ended up being trivialized and became an unattainable state, unless you wake up before dawn to greet the sun – intermittent fast – and practice daily yoga and meditation.
That’s the biggest lie about well-being anyone can tell you. The movement in the real is linked to the search for balance in the juggling of day-to-day. Yoga, meditation, and contemplating nature are powerful tools in the journey of self-knowledge. But each individual should find their preferred definition, with habits, activities or beliefs that give that sense of well-being, warmth and self-care. There’s no prescription to follow.


Who has never heard the classic ‘a little drug, a little salad’? The boom in the collective search for wellness has not happened to happen in recent years, in which we have seen society suffer from alarming levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. And of course, numerous forms of escape available to anesthetize. With the arrival of the pandemic, what was bad, it got worse. Social isolation has opened up numerous issues, including the key turn that there was no way to escape, it was time to take care of mental, physical and spiritual health.


The concept of wellness is actually an integral and very personal practice, an active process of awareness and choice for a balanced life. It’s more than being disease-free, it’s a dynamic process of change and growth.

But if we are to speak literally, the most accurate definition of wellness, according to the Houaiss dictionary, is the “state of full satisfaction of the demands of the body and/or spirit.” The intention is comfort, tranquility and balance. In an active search for choices, activities and lifestyles that lead to a state of self-knowledge and fullness.

With the recent popularization of the term, wellness has been understood as something momentary. And buyable: what you need to have, or do to achieve wellness is ‘an aerial Pilates class for anxiety’, the ‘new skincare product that will improve your mental health’, or the ‘diet that helps you save the planet’. And believe us, we believe that these practices can mean wellness for those who have access. But living it is a journey, not a moment. We believe in the active process of awareness and choice for a more self-sufficient life, free of judgments and real.

What about Nowdays?

For us, wellness is about the individual journey of personal and social knowledge. It’s making choices and living your walk without fear of being who you are. No bad moods about our choices of what’s good for us. We are deconstructing ourselves from taboos, paradigms and rules of conviviality that have blocked our minds for some time.

Feel good with no knots in your body. It’s about our tastes and pleasures. From CBD, to THC, to love, the wellness we live in is associated with freedom, living well, better, and happier. We are accepting and accepting others, always seeking to understand what is good for us. And to share exactly that, this journey like all of us, after all. The state of wellness that we crave and will have is collective.

So, did you like our content? This is just the beginning! In addition to diving into the universe of alternative methods of wellness, in the other categories you will find legislations and factual issues at Reality Check, and a true encyclopedia about our beloved plant at Cannabis A to Z. At Nowdays People you’ll find interviews the new voices of our generation and what they’re thinking. If there is breeze there, take a walk on the platform, feel free and if you want, tell us what you found through our networks @nnowdays.

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